Singing With Style

Loretta Bell - 50th Anniversary


Loretta joined Sweet Adelines in 1968 in New Castle, PA. She learned of it through her father who worked with the Director of The New Castle Chapter in Region 16. After the first visit she was hooked. Loretta earned her first quartet championship there and competed in her first International in London, England at Royal Albert Hall. In those days, when you won, you competed at “two” Internationals before you went back to regional. Her second one was in Los Angeles.

In 1980, Loretta moved to Charlotte, NC due to her husband’s transfer. And, as luck would have it there was a Sweet Adeline Chapter there. A really good one!

For the next 34 years, while in Queen Charlotte, she earned “10” First Place chorus medals and “8” First Place quartet medals. She is now singing with Carolina Style Chorus and they have won one Regional First Place Award. Loretta is President of Region 14’s Circle of Champions.

Loretta says: “Sweet Adelines has been in my life for 50 years and I can’t think of any better way to have spent those years! And, more to come, I hope!!!