Singing With Style

Our beloved Master Director, Jean Danaher, has directed Carolina Style Chorus for the last 14 years.  Jean has been a Sweet Adeline since 1972 and has served on Region 14’s faculty for more that 24 years.  She also coaches other choruses and quartets in Region 14.  

Jean is a skilled and experienced choreographer, too, and a charismatic musical leader, admired by many.  Her creativity runs full tilt 24 hours a day, spitting out ideas, plans, thoughts and dreams.  She’s imaginative and innovative.  Her vitality and verve are unequaled.

Ask anyone - Jean has the heart of an angel, and a voice to match.  An active quartet singer for 39 years, Jean has won numerous medals and awards.  She’s a joy to sing with and a joy to sing for.  She presently sings tenor in Jivin’.  

You won’t find a more caring, generous individual.  Jean has a gift and a special flair.  Her personality envelopes everyone in her presence.

A graduate of the University of North Carolina at Greensboro she has a bachelor’s degree in Interior Design.  Jean has one son and she lives in Matthews with her husband Roy.

In 1997, Jean visited Carolina Style (then known as the Hickory Chorus) as a member of Region 14's faculty. She helped the chorus with some choreography for an upcoming show.  The chorus members quickly fell in love with her, and after she visited a few more times, the chorus approached her about taking on the director position.  Jean decided she would direct Carolina Style for "just a year to help them out until they find a permanent director".  Lucky for the chorus, Jean's "just a year" was 14 years ago.  Jean has taken Carolina Style  literally from worst to first! It has been an exciting ride filled with hard work, laughter and the forming of lifelong friendships.  Jean's elevation to Master Director status at the 2011 Region 14 contest adds exciting momentum as Carolina Style prepares for the 2012 International Competition in Denver, Colorado! There are two important things Jean brings to Carolina Style and has woven into the chorus personality. The first is that she promotes friendship, kindness, and always keeping Sweet Adelines in the proper perspective (family first!). The second is hard work, bringing your best to the table every single week, and a dedication to working on the barbershop craft.  Carolina Style salutes Master Director Jean Danaher.  We love and respect you, Jean.  You are our Fearless Leader!!!